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Brand Ambassador Program

Our Program

Our program joins forces with passionate individuals who are ready and willing to inspire their communities through our brand.

How It Works

Well, it's pretty simple! The only prerequisite to becoming a Crosscourt Threads Ambassador is that you have a public Instagram account. Seriously, that's it! If your Instagram is already public then we are all good to go. If not, and you are willing to make your account public, please do so before continuing on with this application. We don't mean to be picky, but it'll make sense if you keep reading on (we promise!). 

Each Brand Ambassador term will last for a total of four months (you may re-apply if you have already been selected as an Ambassador in a previous term). Please refer to the following 2018 dates to apply:

Term I
Applications open from February 11th - 25th
Ambassador term runs from March 1st - June 30th
Term II
Applications open from June 10th - 24th
Ambassador term runs from July 1st - October 31st
Term III
Applications open from October 14th - 28th
Ambassador term runs from November 1st - February 28th (of 2019)

Ambassador Expectations

1. Post to your public Instagram profile on designated CrossFire days
2. Wear, support, and spread the word on Crosscourt Threads in your community
3. Commit to the entire four month term

Ambassador Benefits

1. Ambassador discount on all products
2. Special prizes and contests throughout your term
Phew... we made it! Are you ready now? We hope you are as excited to join our team as we are to have you! Ready, set, apply!